Birth of a Cyborg

Blue -
Bright green -
bright pink -
dark red glass -
grey lights -
mix colours -
purple -

Birth of a Cyborg

                                          "Birth of a Cyborg"

Hallidonto's "Birth of the Cyborg" VR Drawing research residency 2018-2019

Hallidonto has been exploring VR with his continuous line technique. Hallidonto is working closely with Hob's studios to have one Hallidonto's VR drawings. This has been a pioneering residency for the Artist and Hobs Studios. Hobs are exciting at the results and the challenges that we will have created one of these works into a Sculpture.

This is a true amalgamation of 21st technologies and traditional Art making processes, a first of it's kind.

The Video is a collection of Hallidonto's works and a 3D printing of a prototype of an early VR drawing, you will see the more refined works as the video progress